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Who can enter the festival?

Everyone who has made a short movie is allowed to enter.

What genre can I submit?

Our festival is open to:
  • action-adventure
  • thriller
  • drama
  • comedy
  • horror
  • science fiction
but also music videos and experimental videos.
What is the allowed playing time for my short movie?

Maximum playing time depends on the category you submit to.
National- and International Short Film: maximum playing time of fifty minutes
Animation Short Film and Animation Short Film by Students: maximum playing time of twenty minutes
Documentary Short Film: maximum playing time of thirty minutes
Battle Of The Clubs - short films by a national film club: maximum playing time thirty minutes

What kind of digital file do I need to submit/upload?

We accept:
  • .mp4/h264

What is the allowed resolution of my digital video file?

Movies need to have a resolution of:
  • 1280x720 pixels
  • 1920x1080 pixels (full hd)

Cinema 4K or UHD 4K will need to be converted to the above formats, since we do not project in 4K.
3D movies are not supported by this Festival.
How can I submit my movie?

You can submit your movie by going to start page of the website and simply click on the big red button.
The button looks like this:

Do I need to submit via FilmFreeway?

Yes. Pixure vzw organizes all of its festivals using this platform. Therefor you need to enter and submit using the button.
How can I pay?

    Payment is easy and can be done via:
  • paypal


Go to the PayPal website:

please transfer your submission fee to: payment@theheadquarters.be
What can I win?

At the Festival, the following the winning awards go to:
Best National Short Film
Best International Short Film
Best Animation Short Film
Best Animation Short Film by Students
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Short Film by a National Film Club
Audience Award

Winners will receive:
  • a beautiful trophee
  • an official certificate and laurel from the festival

I have submitted my short film and paid the submission fee. What happens next?

Just sit back and relax.
Your short movie will be checked by our team to see if it meets all requirements. If it does, your short movie will be accepted into the Festival.
Then a pre-selection jury will judge the movie by a list of criteria and they decide if it's up for projection at our live screening event. If it is, you willl receive an email saying you are .

More information on the selection procedure can be found at our website.
I have received an email saying my short movie is nominated. What does that mean?

That simply means your short movie is amongst the few selected for live screening at the day(s) of the event.
You could be one of the winners.
I don't have VISA/PayPal. Can I get a free waiver?

No, the festival does not accept any free entries, nor do we hand out free waivers.

If you don't have a VISA and you don't have a PayPal account, there is still the possibility to pay via (international) banktransfer.
Did you know that setting up a PayPal account is free and that you can link your account to an ordinary bank account without using a VISA.
Go to the PayPal website for more information on how to do this
I'm a student. Can I get a discount or a free waiver?

If you are a student animator and you are part of a school/institute, you can enter the Festival in the category ANIMATION SHORT FILM BY STUDENTS.
This category has a lower submission fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you must provide a valid student ID or document of proof that you are a student and/or your project is part of a course.
Can I contact the organizer?

Yes, you can. Go to the contact page and send us a message.
Please, take not it could take up to three (working) days before we answer your question.
As you know, movie makers have a busy life ;-)
Bezoek The HeadQuarters VFX
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