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To be accepted into the Festival, a short film needs to comply with our general rules and terms.

General rules & terms for all categories:

01. The following genres are very welcome: action-adventure-thriller, drama, comedy, horror, science fiction, fantasy, music video, experimental video.
02. Movie files needs to be in h264/mp4 format.
03. Movie sizes need to be 1280x720 pix or 1920x1080 pix (full HD).
04. Subtitles: unless spoken in the Dutch or English language, all short films need to have English subtitles, preferable burnt-in into the h264/mp4 file.
05. When selected for live screening, you will be asked to send us your movie file, a trailer of the short film and a movie poster.
06. Submission fees are non refundable.
07. The decission of the preselection jury and the main Festival jury is final.
08. All short films need to be submitted though our platform at FilmFreeway.
09. International Short Film Festival Beveren does not hand out free waivers. Submission fees are kept very low on purpose so entering the festival is feasable for everyone.

Rules & terms for the categories:

►Horror, Fantasy and Science-Fiction | Action & Drama | Comedy | Miscellaneous
01. Maximum playing time: fifty minutes

► Animation
01. Maximum playing time: twenty minutes.
02. Animated short films can be: 2D-animation, 3D-animation, stop-motion-animation

► Documentary
01. Maximum playing time for documentaries: thirty minutes.

Student Submissions
Each category has a student fee.
Short films by students need to be submitted with proof of being a student.
This can be either a student card of the school or institute where one is taking classes, or a confirmation by the school/institute that the project submitted is a student project.

Nor International Short Film Festival, nor The HeadQuarters VFX, nor its cooperative partners publish your short film, not online, nor on any media!
The only media that will be used for publishing are trailers, movie posters and submitted promotional media.


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