Selection Procedure - International Short Film Festival Beveren

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Selection Procedure
  1. A short film is being submitted into the Festival.
  2. The short film is then checked if it meets all requirements for a valid submission into the Festival.
    1. If it meets all requirements, the short film is:
        • accepted into the Festival
        • goes on to be viewed by the preselection jury
        • the submitter can download a nominee laurel (running-for-selection)
    2. If the short film does not meet the requirements:
        • its status is updated to "Disqualified"
  3. The accepted movies are viewed by a team of dedicated preselection judges, consisting of various people with different media background (film makers, screenwriters, directors, musicians, journalists, actors & actresses).
    After viewing, analyzing and discussing the movie, the team makes the decision if the short film is to be screened at the live event.
    1. If the movie is being selected for live screening at the festival:
        • its status is updated to "Semi-Finalist"
        • it will enter the competition at the live event
        • the submitter can download a selected-for-screening laurel (which will be available by that time)
    2. If the movie is not selected:
        • its status is updated to "Not Selected"
        • it is not part of the final competition
        • since movie was accepted into the Festival (it met all requirements), the submitter can download a nominee laurel (running-for-selection).

Nor International Short Film Festival, nor The HeadQuarters VFX, nor its cooperative partners publish your short film, not online, nor on any media!
The only media that will be used for publishing are trailers, movie posters and submitted promotional media.


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